This year Dairysafe has created a powerful database of all accredited dairy producers, processors and transporters in South Australia.

“We have now reached a point where both the auditing process and annual returns can be automated, which will deliver savings due to more efficient handling of information,” said Dairysafe CEO Geoff Raven.

“Improved information will enable us to summarise trends and provide more informed communications back to the industry, a position which will support the industry’s strong food safety reputation.”

The move from a paper-based system to a paperless system requires all member details to be initially electronically uploaded.

“This year we will require some valuable time and input from our accredited operators to get those details uploaded, but, after this year, the information will be accurately logged in the system and will only require an acknowledgement from each participant that their details haven’t changed. This will eliminate a significant amount of red tape and ‘filling out forms’ by industry,” Geoff said.

“We realise we should have relayed this request to you more clearly prior to the release of the annual returns, but we would appreciate your support in completing this process.”

The team at Dairysafe is available to assist with completing digital annual returns if needed. Contact the Dairysafe office on (08) 8223 2277.