Dairysafe has worked hard to achieve its position as a leader in food safety in Australia. Dairysafe has an ambitious strategic plan, outlined below, which is focused on enabling the South Australian dairy community to embrace a Food Safety Culture.


Dairysafe is ambitious in its desire to be recognised as the national and international leader in dairy food safety standards. It’s commitment to best practice and pursuit of excellence is relentless. Dairysafe seeks to facilitate best practices to help South Australia’s dairy industry be recognised internationally for food innovation and safety.


Dairysafe values the creation and dissemination of knowledge for the betterment of the South Australian industry. Its aim is to be regarded by the dairy industry as a valuable source of knowledge and an essential business partner.


As a statutory body financed by industry, it is essential that the Dairysafe team is recognised for its fiercely independent, unbiased and apolitical views. In its position as regulator and food safety custodian, the Dairysafe team is entrusted to act with integrity and transparency in every aspect of business.


Dairysafe aims to be recognised for its dynamic and pro-active approach, partnering with industry to provide them with tools and information to ensure their products meet all dairy food safety standards. Dairysafe’s entrepreneurial spirit ensures it is responsive to the needs of industry.

To view the Dairysafe Strategic Plan, click here.