This year has seen the introduction of digital real-time auditing of dairy farms, transporters and processors by Dairysafe.

Digital auditing provides dairy businesses with instant audit results and feedback, while also supplying Dairysafe with real-time analysis of food safety standards and industry trends.

“This will offer Dairysafe valuable insights of current industry standards and compliance levels not previously available,” said Dairysafe CEO Geoff Raven.

Dairysafe has a number of internal and external auditors including QCONZ, and together this is facilitating improved audit reporting and introducing  significant local and overseas experience and knowledge. As with all auditors, Dairysafe has established a formal arrangement with QCONZ which specifies strict confidentiality requirements.

QCONZ is responsible for auditing around 30% of Australia’s dairy farms and has specialist auditors qualified for the high-tech and high-risk dairy processing sector. The QCONZ auditors, Craig Allen, Peter Wood and Tony Robinson, have been liaising with accredited businesses on a one-on-one basis since February 2018, arranging food safety audits.

“We at Dairysafe will continue to be responsible for overseeing the delivery of high standard food safety audits, and we’re working closely with QCONZ to ensure a consistent and effective service is delivered to the South Australian industry,” Geoff said.